About the Company

Yeshuas.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of YHVH a privately held business.

Yeshuas.com is a UK based Company, that is geared towards the US market with a number of warehouses across the United States and a further two warehouses in the United Kingdom to meet the needs of our domestic market.

Yeshua’s Ministries Ltd as the Company was known back then was formed in November 1995 and we did not start to trade until some four years later. It all started with a tax rebate one of our founding directors received and he started the business on a bookstall in his local church one Sunday morning. Sale for that first Sunday ware £123.10.

In the spring 2003 Yeshua’s was launched with a few hundred items straddle between two continents. By the spring of 2011 Yeshua’s had become a signature the site with over 160,000 products online. It was also in that year when we merged with YHVH.

With the help of YHVH we took control of Yeshuas.com and brought everything back in house which meant for us going back to our roots and revisiting our original vision for the website. Some of this revisiting included looking at the following:

  • What are the goals of this website?
  • What is it that Yeshuas.com is actually trying to sell?
  • Who were our audiences?
  • How big is our market?

The concept of this site is to provide our customers with the ultimate shopping experience that Christian retail has to offer. To offer the widest possible selection of products at fair and affordable prices and a customer care service to follow that is second to none.

Originally the site was to have been strictly Christian with a food hall, but over time we quickly realised that we could not just depend upon the Christian market solely to bring in an income, we needed to be more diverse in our approach to doing retail.

Being diverse soon took us down the root of becoming holistic and the Board of Yeshua’s quickly developed a plan on how the Company was going to do holistic retail. It was something the Board felt passionately about. It turned out that the Company wanted to mix the religious with the secular. Not just in books, but in music, DVD’s, gifts, home décor, hence the birth of the name the ‘Alternative Christian Resources Centre’, meaning this business is all about selling more than just Christian products and services, but of a lifestyle. Some of our customers might find this disturbing that a company calling itself a Christian retailer is actually selling secular products side by side with the bible and other religious paraphernalia, but the Company saw it this way:

If Walmart could do the same thing in their business by following Christian principles, then why shouldn’t Yeshua’s not do the same thing?”

We do not believe in the division that can clearly be seen in today’s retail world, especially here in the United Kingdom where religious products are hardly sold in secular shops i.e. jewellery, books, gifts, stationary etc. Christian retail should not be separated from secular retail. They both should be operating besides each other seamlessly. This is something we strongly advocate in our business plan and so you will see this being reflected not just on this website but throughout our entire business.

What Is It That Yeshuas.com Is Actually Trying To Sell?
One of the reasons why our products are unique and distinctive in comparison to our competitors is the brand that we are selling with our products. We are selling a lifestyle to the world; good wholesome living with ethics and values. Likewise a department store will sell to the public at large a branded lifestyle. When a person shops with one of our competitors, they are buying into that competitors’ lifestyle which is the brand itself. Most competitors’ brands are brought through impulse purchasing which of cause will look wholesome and beautiful in its packaging to the naked eye, healthy with a dash of corporate governances or ethics as one might call it, their products might enhance the individuals lifestyle, but the product only feed or covers the buyers physical needs without it having any spiritual benefits at all. Yeshua’s on the other hand are selling you a healthy, wholesome lifestyle with a brand that brings the individual beneficial rewards both physically and spiritually in the short and long team.

Who Are Our Audiences?
The Company will be targeting young digital natives, buying through their mobile phones, 25 – 45 plus something execs buying through their tablet computers, parents who prefer to avoid the queues of the high street. Through research done, we have found that in it is in fact older, rather than younger, shoppers who are moving their shopping from the high street to the internet.

How Big Is The Market?
With the selling of just Christian products, our market within the USA is valued at $5bn, in the UK some £180m and in all 27 European Countries some £2 ½bn

What is the Company’s vision?

  • To become the world’s most trusted retailer where our customers’ are not afraid to shop at Yeshua’s, because they know they can always get what they want at Yeshua’s
  • To become the Marketplace leader for the selling of all Christian products
  • As a trusted retailer, other businesses whether huge or small wants to do business with Yeshua’s.
  • To become that dynamic and vibrant Company where people enjoy working.

What are the Company’s Goals?

  • Making the lives of our customers’ easier every day
  • Rewarding our customers’ every day for shopping with us
  • Offering to our customers’ shopping at fair and affordable prices
  • Offering to our customers’ a quality service followed by an excellent after care service.

Christian Retail
In the UK we have just over 40, 000 Christian lines in our warehouse, but we would certainly like to increase our category lines to the UK market, bringing in more book titles, music, DVD’s, jewellery, gifts and stationary just to name a few things. In our US warehouses, we have some 300,000 plus book titles including 7,000 international titles and 6,000 bibles, with 3,675 audio books and more than 10,000 Home School curriculum items, but at the same time realising that not everything from our US market will be transferable to a UK or European Markets.

As you to browse through our store you will find a wide selection of items that represents’ the very best in Christian retail. You will find a huge genre of books, Bibles, Devotionals, different varieties of Christian Music, Movies & Games, Teachings, Clothing, Gifts, Jewellery, Computer Software and much, much more. You will also find these products cross referenced throughout the site on various departments.

Books In General
As I write this we are in the process of sorting out our ONIX feed so that we can bring to you over 4 million US books in print followed by DVD’s and music, which will include previews, free downloads, interviews, audio samples reviews, out of print categories and much more.

Whilst we do not pretend to be one of the largest internet companies going, we do however pride ourselves on the quality of the products on offer, and the service we give to our customers followed by an aftercare service that is No. 1

At Yeshua’s we value our customers’ security and safety throughout their shopping on the site and so have put into place measures that will safeguard their privacy, any other information you might choose to disclose with us and to protect you from those who would like to threaten your wellbeing whilst on this site.

One of the nice things about this site is that it is very easy to navigate, especially with so many titles coming online, it is important for us that we make things simple for you our customers, so that you can find exactly the items that you are looking for. The site has a very powerful search engine that will enable you to do your search in a matter of seconds. You will be able to locate a book or product by its title, its’ author, its’ supplier, its’ ISBN, UPC, SPCN, EAN data or just a few keywords at most. If you know what you are looking for, then you can use our Browser pages to look through hundreds of different categories to find your item, along with reviews and description posted on the site by publishers/suppliers and customers, including the chance of taking a look at the inside of the book and the reading of the first chapter of hundreds and thousands of titles.